Dan Gilbert mocked Pacers’ Paul George trade to Thunder: They ‘could’ve done better’

The Cavaliers held a press conference Wednesday to introduce new general manager Koby Altman, and the main discussion points involved Kyrie Irving and LeBron James. But there was an interesting moment when Altman was asked about a reported Paul George trade by Indiana.

Altman did his best to avoid answering the question directly, and instead opted for a broad response saying, “I made 200 phone calls on draft night that weren’t reported on. We were very active.” But when he was finished with his response, Cavs owner Dan Gilbert interjected.

The comment was so shocking, Altman couldn’t contain his laughter. After the broadcast aired, ESPN’s Brian Windhorst made a note of it as well.

“I’m going to be honest with you, the thing that happened in this press conference that made my eyes go open the most was Dan Gilbert taking a shot at the Indiana Pacers for what they got for Paul George, saying openly, he thinks they could have done better,” Windhorst said on air. “That was a pretty shocking moment, that’s not something you’re going to see at too many press conferences.”

“I don’t have a laundry list of ‘I can’t wait until I have the initials after my name so I can do X, Y and Z,’” Girsch told me after the presser.

That’s proven to be true. They’ve stayed with the status quo even as the Cubs made a bold move to acquire starting pitcher Jose Quintana and the Brewers have been connected to most controllable players on the market. rangers_737-115x115

The league has tried to come up with ways to ease the need for players to be pulled from games.

Zach Brown Game Jersey Teams like the Cavaliers and Warriors are simply taking the data compiled by their staffs and by the NBA’s own biometrics programs and carrying it out to its logical conclusion—even if it means pulling big-name players out of televised games.

We have data showing that pulling a guy off a road trip and having him just stay home has all these benefits, one general manager told Sporting News. I mean, the league itself has looked at this, all the teams have looked at it. If you don’t bring him and he is able to stay home and get a couple of days of normal sleep, it has all these benefits. He doesn’t get hurt as much, you can reset his fatigue level, all that. If you go around and tell everyone around the league that, you can’t get upset when teams go out and act on the information you give them. It’s hypocritical.

The league has tried to come up with ways to ease the need for players to be pulled from games. The schedule has been reconfigured to reduce back-to-backs, the All-Star break was extended, and there will be a week taken off of the preseason in order to stretch the regular season, cutting back further on back-to-backs.
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There are other problems with the defense that show just how lead-footed the Cavs’ defense is. They’re fourth-worst in both deflections per game (13.8) and loose balls recovered (5.9). They’re 26th in the league in turnover percentage.

Maybe Lue’s what-me-worry? stance is the right one with a veteran team like the Cavs. The East is light on teams with real contender experience, thanks to LeBron James. No non-LBJ team has reached the Finals in seven years. There are tweaks Lue can make during the postseason to change the Cavs’ pick-and-roll coverage and to hide Irving’s weak defense — having James and/or Iman Shumpert pick up the ball more, throwing in more aggressive traps from time to time.

This incomparable draft prospect leaves all 30 NBA teams with a quandary

Those largely unimpressive 300 minutes are the only sample of meaningful action over the past two seasons that NBA scouts and executives will have to evaluate Giles. On Tuesday, Giles declared for the NBA Draft; he is expected to hire an agent, which will exhaust his eligibility after just one season.

Ron Santo Elite Jersey This incomparable draft prospect leaves all 30 NBA teams with a quandary: Which Giles can be expected to show up in the NBA? Is it the confident athlete who took high school basketball and the international scene by storm, or is it the player we saw at Duke whose breakout never came? Was his performance at Duke due to post-injury tentativeness and a lack of knee strength, or is he a diminished athlete? Either answer could be correct. We don’t know at this stage of the evaluation process.

Nigel Bradham Elite Jersey But then Silver added, We also have to be realistic that the science has gotten to the point where there is that direct correlation that we’re aware of between fatigue and injuries. And as tough as it is on our fans to miss one of their favorite players for a game, it’s far better than having them get injured and be out for long periods of time. So we’re always still looking to strike that right balance.

Fast-forward a month, to yesterday, when a memo was sent out to all 30 league owners, in the wake of the embarrassment of having Cavaliers stars LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love sitting out for a nationally televised Saturday night game (which followed another embarrassment the previous week, when the Warriors rested Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green for a Saturday national game).

In the memo, Silver urged owners to be more involved in the decision to rest players, saying, Decisions of this kind do not merely implicate issues of player health and team performance on the court. They also can affect fans and business partners, impact our reputation, and damage the perception of our game.

10-pointer coming to All-Star game? Adam Silver, Chris Paul discussed rule changes

The NBA may have some new All-Star game rules very shortly.
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According to ESPN, Clippers point guard Chris Paul called commissioner Adam Silver following this year’s version in New Orleans, after his Western Conference side won 192-182.

Per ESPN.com, Doc Rivers said his son’s strained left hamstring, sustained during Wednesday’s game against the Wizards, is a little more serious (than initially believed).

Limited Jarvis Landry Jersey The coach characterized Austin’s chances of being ready for the playoffs as 50-50.

I’m disappointed, Austin said, according to the L.A Times. I was looking forward to this year’s playoffs. The goal (to return) was game one of the playoffs, but it’s looking like hopefully midfirst round, early second round. We’ll see. You never know, I might heal faster than I think so. 鈥?

It’s not that serious, serious of an injury. It’s just bad timing.

The NBA playoffs tip off April 15.

Magic came in admitting that he knew what he didn’t know, always a good sign. He needs to bone up on the collective bargaining agreement, salary cap, analytics and everything else that comes with the vast territory. It’s a lot different than 2003, when he declined New York’s offer and his old NBA Finals sparring partner, Larry Bird, weighed in on how Magic might have done heading the Knicks. He would have done fine,” Bird told me. If you know talent and players, it’s not that difficult.”

Mark Cuban has priceless reaction to Dirk Nowitzki’s 30,000th point

Dirk Nowitzki joined the NBA’s 30,000-point club on Tuesday against the Lakers, and no one was happier than Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

The 38-year-old Dallas star reached the historic milestone during the second quarter of the game, with a baseline jumper over Larry Nance Jr.

Cuban’s reaction to the moment was absolutely priceless:

Dorsey’s game against Rhode Island will likely be the best game anyone plays in the NCAA Tournament this season. He goes 9 of 10 from the field, drops 27 and his the game-winner to send his team to the Sweet 16? Yeah, major, major performance from a kid that consistently steps up in the big moment every single time his team needs him.

I’m skeptical on Dorsey’s NBA prospects as an undersized scoring guard with elite athleticism, but it’s worth pointing out that Dorsey has now dropped five straight games of 20-plus points in the team’s Pac-12/NCAA Tourney runs. This after last season where he averaged 14 points and four rebounds per game in such tournament situations. I like guys who are tough, and live for the moment. That’s Dorsey, and a few more games like that might just put him into the discussion.

Thomas more or less becomes James Harden or Russell Westbrook in the fourth quarter. Not only in terms of production, but in the way he looks to make something happen every time down the court. Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle said Thomas is a difficult matchup because “he’s got the blue light, which is greener than the green light,” and Pistons head coach Stan Van Gundy echoed similar sentiments by suggesting they should’ve triple teamed him following a loss to the Celtics.magic_004saints_022-223x223

Johnny Cueto’s latest blisters add to juiced ball narrative

There are plenty of reasons to think the baseball is juiced in MLB this season. The fact that the league is on pace to break the all-time single season home run record is the easiest thing to point to.

But for Giants starter Johnny Cueto, it’s the blisters on his hand. Cueto had to leave Friday’s start with blisters to his pitching hand, and when asked after the game, he said the ball could easily be to blame.

I feel the ball tight, he said through an interpreter, via the San Francisco Chronicle. This is the first time I’ve had blisters in my career.

Adding to the controversy over a supposedly juiced ball Friday was Hall of Fame pitcher and 300-game-winner Tom Glavine.

The former Braves left-hander said that if anyone could notice a juiced ball it would be a pitcher.

And Machado’s batting average on balls hit at least 100 mph is .057 lower than expected — ranking 173rd of that same group of 202. And let’s not forget, he leads this group in balls hit at least 100 mph.
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But it can’t really all be bad luck, and it isn’t. Baseball has been forever known as a game to hit it where they ain’t, and that is not something Machado is doing quite as well as his peers, hitting a lot of hard ground balls to deep short.

Game Kids T.J. McDonald Jersey If Machado’s luck turns around, he will very likely return to form — much like Boggs did in 1992, as he batted .320 over his next three seasons, despite approaching his twilight years, after being non-tendered by the Red Sox after that unlucky season — but if he makes a minor adjustment and can move even just a few of those ground balls from deep short to up the middle, or better yet, elevate the ball more often, he very well may be your second-half MVP.

MLB All-Star Game 2017: Rosters, starting lineups, how to watch live

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The preliminary rosters for the 2017 MLB All-Star Game were announced July 2, while the starting lineups for the Midsummer Classic in Miami were announced Monday.

Fan voting determined the starters for the game; the commissioner’s office filled out the rosters with input from the players.

There’s also room for one more player from each league. Those players will be chosen by fans from a group of candidates who were not selected as starters or reserves. The Final Vote lists were announced Sunday night:

There already were a stack of issues the union is ready to bring to the table that have gone on throughout the current labor deal: player discipline, concussions, the drug policy, Thursday night games.

But above and beyond those, these deals are about splitting the money. That’s what keeps bringing these sports to a screeching halt every several years; from 1998 to 2011, the NFL, NBA and NHL had a combined five lockouts. That’s the owners’ big stick, and clearly they haven’t been afraid to swing it.

The NFL players haven’t wielded their own big stick since the 1987 strike, the year of the scab games. The next time things got fractious enough for a season to be threatened, the owners flexed their muscles.

This time, both sides have ample reason to flex theirs. Houston’s offensive outburst came at the expense of Blue Jays ace Aaron Sanchez. The 25-year-old right-hander was making his first start since mid-May due to blister issues. The Astros lit him up for eight runs (five earned) in 1 1/2 innings. Sanchez walked four and gave up two home runs in his uninspiring return.

Laquon Treadwell Jersey The Astros (59-28) are still narrowly hanging on to the best record in baseball over the Dodgers, and their electric offense is a big reason why they’ve had so much success.

Oh baby: Carolina Panthers fan names newborn son after 2 favorite players

DeeJay Howell loves the Carolina Panthers

He loves his newborn son, too. Cameron Luuuke was born July 1 in Gastonia, N.C.

Gabriel Landeskog Limited Jersey Cam Newton and Luke Kuechly have been the unquestioned offensive and defensive leaders of the Panthers in recent seasons, and Howell told the Gaston Gazette that it made perfect sense to name his son after the two stars.
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Of course I thought about it. Just like in basketball, you know, guys, they create these super teams. But it’s not quite like that in football where I had the freedom just to go, Johnson said, via ESPN.com.

I was stuck in my contract with Detroit and they told me they would not release my contract, so I would have to come back to them. I didn’t see the chance for them to win a Super Bowl at the time, and for the work I was putting in, it wasn’t worth my time to keep on beating my head against the wall and not going anywhere.

Johnson was prolific in a Lions uniform, hauling in 731 receptions for 11,619 yards and 83 touchdowns in nine seasons.

Earlier this year, Johnson voiced his displeasure that the Lions made him repay part of his signing bonus once he retired.

The Lions’ relationship with former star running back Barry Sanders also soured after he prematurely retired. Their rapport has since improved, but it appears Johnson and the organization have an uphill climb.

Oddly enough, the Lions were probably one playmaker away from contending last season. Johnson’s services would have certainly helped their cause.

We get a Walt Frazier lottery suit!

Four current players, three former players (two also performing duties in the front office), three head coaches, two general managers, one team co-owner and one legendary broadcaster will be in attendance in the hopes that their envelope is opened last. Wait, should we rank all 14 representatives based on no specific criteria at all? Yes, let’s do this.

Excited to represent Philly at the Lottery and also excited to see which young fella is gonna have this draft reaction when they get drafted pic.twitter.com/ljVqX2WhJw

We get a Walt Frazier lottery suit! Will it be made entirely of ping-pong balls? Will it have Markelle Fultz’s face embroidered on the inside pocket? Nothing is off the table.

In all, according to NBA.com stats, 31 of the Celtics’ 75 3-point attempts in this series have come with a defender 4-6 feet away from the shooter, or what the league deems “open.” They’ve gotten 32 “wide open” 3-pointers.

In all, 35.3 percent of all the Celtics’ shots in this series have been 3-pointers either open or wide open — without a defender within four feet. The Wizards were not a great closeout team in the regular season, but only 26.4 percent of the shots opponents took were 3-pointers without a defender within four feet. During the season, 29.8 percent of the Celtics’ shots were open or wide open 3s.

James’ philosophy appeared to be: I’ll sleep when the Pacers are dead.

With the other three Eastern Conference series tied or close, the Cavaliers could get more than a week of rest before being required to start their next round. That was an alluring incentive for the league’s oldest team.jets_001

Steve Kerr’s health issue ‘fixable,’ Warriors GM says

The debilitating health issues confronting Steve Kerr are fixable, Warriors GM Bob Myers told The Associated Press on Wednesday, and he is confident Golden State’s coach will return to the bench.
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It just might take a while.

Look, what he’s facing is fixable, Myers said in Oakland. It’s just finding the issue and solving it. So I think that’s how you have to differentiate what he’s going through with somebody else.

Thomas then jokingly said, Kelly is one of the dirtiest players I know, before turning serious and saying he’s a clean player. Thomas said Olynyk is just playing playoff basketball and sometimes things are going to happen.

Avery Bradley also defended his teammate by taking a shot at Green.

Everyone has their own opinion, but I don’t agree (with) it, he said. I think Kelly is far from a dirty guy. I’m pretty sure some guys might have their opinion on Draymond, some of the plays that he’s made in the past. But I don’t care.

It’s ridiculous, Olynyk said. I know who I am, I know what I do, I know what I stand for, my teammates know, and that’s all that matters.

If the Celtics and Warriors meet up in the NBA Finals, expect this storyline to continue to grow.

Game Bud Dupree Jersey Bradley scored only four points in the second half, and Thomas had a relatively quiet game by his standards (18 points on 5-of-13 shooting) but several other Celtics stepped out into the spotlight. Center Al Horford hit 8-of-9 shots, including three treys, for 19 points. He added seven assists, six rebounds and three blocks.