James has 14 points and eight assists at the break.

Speaking of, Jeff Teague got stuck guarding James twice with no help. Naturally, LeBron scored both times. C’mon, Indiana.

Halftime: It’s a 66-59 lead for Cleveland, and Indiana’s defense simply can’t slow down LeBron James. There’s really only one player who can guard James effectively, and the Pacers also need Paul George to average 30 points all series to have a chance. That pulls him in two directions, and is really too much to ask even for a player that good.

James has 14 points and eight assists at the break. George leads Indiana with 16 points on 5-of-10 shooting and four assists in 20 minutes, but he’ll have to guard James more in the second half if Indiana has any hopes of containing him.

We know they can, and after erasing a 3-1 deficit last finals, it’s hard to doubt them. So when we throw out a couple questions about whether this team is conference championship material — forget whether they can battle Golden State, because they almost assuredly cannot — take that seriously. People aren’t doubting Cleveland just to doubt Cleveland. We’re questioning them because they have given us so many reasons we can’t ignore them anymore.

But given his limited starting experience in college, its by no means a hometown lock, as the Browns easily could prefer a value at another position. If Trubisky is gone but the Browns still want a QB, Clemson’s Deshaun Watson would be the pick.

So this is technically a thing that happens on Monday, but if you live in Massachusetts, Patriots Day is a holiday and makes for a long weekend, so we’re going to count it. Watching people run the marathon and help each other cross the finish line is a great way to restore some of your faith in humanity which, to be honest, we could all probably use right now.

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