Mike Ditka blasts ‘a—hole’ journalists hounding Tom Brady over Donald Trump

Iron Mike Ditka never disappoints.

Nearly a year after he called President Barack Obama the “worst” president ever, the outspoken ESPN analyst ripped sports journalists concerned about Tom Brady’s friendship with President Donald Trump, Obama (again) and protesting 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

The Redskins used a first-round pick on TCU’s Josh Doctson last year, but there’s no guarantee he can shake off his tricky rookie foot injury (Achilles’) and be a reliable producer in his second season. Calling upon him to be a No. 1 who can both stretch the field and finish in the red zone is unreasonable.

So is assuming Reed, with his history of concussions and a recent shoulder issue, can be counted on to provide an athletic mismatch over a full season. That makes Davis, 33, coming off a resurgence and coming with a much cheaper price tag than that of Garcon or Jackson, a no-brainer to re-sign.

Going into the 2017 season with Doctson and Crowder as the top two returning wide receivers would set up Cousins for post-contract regression. Cousins has built good downfield chemistry with both Garcon and Jackson. It would be impossible — in short term, at least — for him to re-create it with a newcomer. Crowder was a key go-to guy for Cousins, too, but he’s better suited to have impact inside.

Here’s the rub: The market is inflated for veteran wideouts. The Redskins might have no choice but to be lukewarm on retaining Jackson, because his big-play flair will attract many teams in need of a pure home-run hitter. He likely will be well overpaid, around $10 million per season. Garcon, for some of the same reasons Washington loves him, is set up to get $9 million-plus from one of several suitors.texans_138

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