We get a Walt Frazier lottery suit!

Four current players, three former players (two also performing duties in the front office), three head coaches, two general managers, one team co-owner and one legendary broadcaster will be in attendance in the hopes that their envelope is opened last. Wait, should we rank all 14 representatives based on no specific criteria at all? Yes, let’s do this.

Excited to represent Philly at the Lottery and also excited to see which young fella is gonna have this draft reaction when they get drafted pic.twitter.com/ljVqX2WhJw

We get a Walt Frazier lottery suit! Will it be made entirely of ping-pong balls? Will it have Markelle Fultz’s face embroidered on the inside pocket? Nothing is off the table.

In all, according to NBA.com stats, 31 of the Celtics’ 75 3-point attempts in this series have come with a defender 4-6 feet away from the shooter, or what the league deems “open.” They’ve gotten 32 “wide open” 3-pointers.

In all, 35.3 percent of all the Celtics’ shots in this series have been 3-pointers either open or wide open — without a defender within four feet. The Wizards were not a great closeout team in the regular season, but only 26.4 percent of the shots opponents took were 3-pointers without a defender within four feet. During the season, 29.8 percent of the Celtics’ shots were open or wide open 3s.

James’ philosophy appeared to be: I’ll sleep when the Pacers are dead.

With the other three Eastern Conference series tied or close, the Cavaliers could get more than a week of rest before being required to start their next round. That was an alluring incentive for the league’s oldest team.jets_001

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