NBA players are circling games on their calendars

Delano Hill Jersey The NBA revealed its schedule for the 2017-18 season, and a few players have circled special games on their calendar.

First is Paul George, who will return to Indiana as an opponent for the first time on Dec. 13 after the Pacers traded him to Oklahoma City.

Another was Jazz rookie Donovan Mitchell, who appears to be excited for his first professional basketball game against the New York Knicks at Madison Square Garden in mid-November.
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David West: Spearheaded by his wife Lesley, and going back a few cities and teams, West has supported Dressed by West to bring prom dresses to young women in poorer communities who otherwise would not be able to afford them.

At the start of the tour, San Quentin Public Information Officer Sam Robinson refers to North Block as a housing unit. By the loosest of definitions, San Quentin and any other prison could be considered a type of shelter or dwelling. But calling it a housing unit strips San Quentin 鈥?and all prisons 鈥?of their brutal reality: people stacked on top of one another, filthy conditions, racial segregation, violence and deaths. The inmates live in cells in the same way that dogs live in cages in a shelter.

To refer to them as making up a housing unit is the kind of PR spin that stifles discourse. A visual representation of the PR spin can be found on the San Quentin website, which very much resembles a website for any state park … as if San Quentin is a pleasant place people should want to visit on vacation.

Although clear and well-meaning, declaring any community the wrong place is somewhat problematic. Children do not have a say in their births or the communities into which they are born. Babies do not select the color of their skin or the type of society they enter into when pushed from the womb.

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