A Giants defensive lineman beat an Eagles blocker so badly he confused himself

When the Giants beat the visiting Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, New York got the best of its opponent in all three phases of the game.

“Make the rulebook a lot less extensive,” Sherman said. “You’ve got a bunch of freakin’ rocket scientists writing rules, I guess, for a simple game … They always say they ask players and coaches about rules and rule changes but they really don’t take what they say into account obviously because the game is entirely too difficult to officiate.”

Sherman knows the NFL rulebook, sometimes better than the actual referees, it seems, and he uses it to his advantage. The outspoken cornerback isn’t likely to cut the officials any slack for missed calls, so this controversy will continue.

As always, there are plenty of teams still very much in the hunt for playoff spots and ample storylines still developing as we move into winter. This is why it’s a good time to ponder the five biggest questions of this year’s second half. The first is one that seemingly will never get old …

Will Tony Romo ever play quarterback again in Dallas?

Since everyone else who cares about the NFL has an opinion about this, here’s another to add to the mix. This wouldn’t even have been cause for debate a month ago. Now that the Cowboys are riding a seven-game winning streak, everything has changed.

Rookie quarterback Dak Prescott has gained more confidence with each passing week, and it’s obvious that his teammates respect and believe in him. The turning point came two weeks back, when Prescott overcame a poor performance and rallied Dallas to a 29-23 overtime win over Philadelphia. That victory said the fourth-round pick had the type of maturity that can win games in November and December — and you can bet Cowboys owner Jerry Jones saw the same thing.

Now, does that mean Romo is done in Dallas? That’s a bit of a stretch. There’s always the chance that Prescott sustains an injury or begins struggling as things heat up. Realistically, the likely scenario here is that Dallas follows a script similar to the one the Denver Broncos used last season, when Peyton Manning was injured and Brock Osweiler was leading that team to five wins in seven games. Denver eventually went back to Manning in the season finale, when the Broncos’ chances of winning the AFC West were in danger. However, if the Cowboys can stay firmly ahead of the pack in the NFC East — where they currently hold a two-game lead over the 5-3 New York Giants — it’s hard to see Prescott going back to holding clipboards.

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