Jaguars owner Shad Khan revels in team’s emergence as NFL power

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“It wasn’t a fake spike,” he told reporters after the game, via CBS Sports. “I was yelling ‘clock it’ because I felt like that was the thing to do, was clock it and get yourself one play. And it came from the sideline, ‘Don’t clock it. Don’t clock it.’ Well, at that time, everyone thinks it’s clocked so you don’t have any time to get everyone lined up. … Eli (Rogers) kinda ran a quick slant in there and at that time you just got to try to make a big play. And I didn’t make a good enough throw.”

Instead of a successful throw, Roethlisberger’s pass was intercepted by Duron Harmon, clinching the Patriots’ victory, 27-24.

However, CBS Sports’s Jason La Canfora reported that Roethlisberger had the option of picking the plays, and that he went with the fake spike and throw.

Underlying numbers point to a team that’s once again ready to make some noise when it matters most.I ‘t think that’s necessarily a bad thing.Police say they seized: Kurt Churchill of Portugal Cove-St.The New Jersey Devils managed to not concede any more goals but it was another example of a second period letdown.But I’m just focused on being healthy, being a better player and being a better .

Adams was ruled out with a concussion after requiring medical attention on the field and wasn’t available to the media after the game. But Monday morning he shared his thoughts on the hit.

“I’ll never understand it. Game is already dangerous enough and we got Pro Bowl players out here head hunting and saying they ‘didn’t mean to harm me,'” Adams tweeted.

Adams didn’t stop there in his rant.

“There’s always been a philosophy in the league and it’s gone back several decades of philosophically whether you want to have a catch and a fumble or an incomplete pass, and the philosophy has always been incomplete pass. Otherwise, you’d have a million catches and fumbles. I agree with that,” Belichick said. “The catch in the end zone is very clearly stated, so you’ve got to complete a catch. It’s pretty clear.

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