Super Bowl 2017 halftime show: TV schedule and performers

The best part of Super Bowl LI¡¯s halftime show? There will be absolutely zero Coldplay involved.
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Sunday¡¯s extravaganza will eschew the typical tradition of rolling out a trio acts, instead focusing on a singular performer and her sidekick. LI¡¯s headliner? Lady Gaga.

The Fame Monster artist was originally rumored to be flying solo, one year after Beyonce, Coldplay, and Bruno Mars choked the field at Levi¡¯s Stadium and two since Katy Perry, Lenny Kravitz, and Missy Elliott teamed up for an eclectic performance that catapulted Left Shark into the public consciousness. Instead, she¡¯ll team up with San Francisco¡¯s favorite nonagenarian ¡ª the legendary Tony Bennett ¡ª who will contribute a brief video introduction to help kick off the event.

Lady Gaga, never one to avoid spectacle, will have to step up her game Sunday. She¡¯ll be the focus of more than 72,000 live fans and hundreds of millions more across the globe on television. The Grammy-winning chanteuse has some grand plans in store for her performance; reports swirled midway through January she wanted to find a way to sing from the retractable roof of NRG Stadium.

Earlier this week on Mix 104.1¡¯s Karson & Kennedy, the 30-year-old singer revealed that the idea came from her sister, who said ¡°I know, let¡¯s suspend you in the air!¡± However, Lady Gaga stopped short of confirming whether she would open the show on the roof.

Instead, the Patriots got the ball back with 3:30 remaining. They needed only 2:30 to drive 91 yards for a touchdown and game-tying two-point conversion against the Falcons’ exhausted defense.
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That’s just one of many hotspots where the Falcons are vulnerable to criticism. They led by 25 points in the third quarter and by 19 points with less than 10 minutes remaining in the fourth quarter, and they lost. It was an epic, historic collapse that will never be forgotten.

She was a Peyton Manning fan and something of a Tom Brady hater

Game Youth Toronto Blue Jays Jersey Jerod Cherry was attending a religious youth conference in 2008 when he ran into a staffer who had a thought about the three Super Bowl titles he won with the New England Patriots. The gathered teens had fallen $20,000 short of their fundraising goal for building an orphanage overseas, and the staffer, Courtney Cherest, wondered whether Cherry might be in the mood to cover the difference.

Cherest was joking, kind of. She was a Peyton Manning fan and something of a Tom Brady hater, and when Cherry walked by her during a break, she asked, “Hey, man, are you going to give up one of those rings?”

This is the Super Bowl matchup that the 2016 season deserves. The New England Patriots, a team loved by New Englanders for their sheer dominance and hated by nearly everyone else for their alleged cheating ways and seasons ravaged by scandal ¡ª vs. the Atlanta Falcons, an underdog team that has bulldozed its way through some of the NFL¡¯s best to be in the Super Bowl for only the second time in franchise history. The politics etched into this are too epic to ignore. If the saying is true, ¡°politics is a sport,¡± then given the disparaging comments Trump made about Lewis ¡ª the stage has been set for Super Bowl LI: ¡°Donald Trump and friends¡± vs. ¡°John Lewis and the family.¡±

It¡¯s easy to see this one as ¡°good¡± vs. ¡°evil,¡± but the breakdown is more nuanced.

Game Kids Fergie Jenkins Jersey Atlanta, although it¡¯s a chocolate city, is part of the conservative state of Georgia. Boston, a city of immigrants representative of America, is part of the larger, more liberal state of Massachusetts. The truth is New England is not an ultrawhite space in America. Boston comes in at one of the most diverse places in the country. The Patriots aren¡¯t composed of an ultrawhite fan base. The same city that brought you New Edition and edu

the guy who almost ran the table all the way to Houston or a rookie running back?

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Our NFL Insiders predict winners for next year’s end-of-season awards, including MVP, top rookie and more. This year’s awards will be announced Saturday during NFL Honors, which airs at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

Brandon Bollig Authentic Jersey Matt Bowen, NFL writer: I have to think it’s Aaron Rodgers in 2017. Even after the early-season narrative that Rodgers and the Packers needed changes made on offense, the Green Bay quarterback finished the year with 4,428 yards passing, 40 touchdowns and only seven interceptions. During that late-season run to get into the playoffs, Rodgers was the best player on the field. If Green Bay can stay healthy at wide receiver next season and add more talent at running back, Rodgers should be a favorite to win the MVP award.

The top MVP contenders are about to face off in Houston, but this season featured brilliant performances throughout the league. Our panel of experts make their picks for this year’s major awards.

An MVP will be crowned Saturday. Will it be a Super Bowl quarterback, the guy who almost ran the table all the way to Houston or a rookie running back? Here are cases for the top four guys.

John Clayton, senior NFL writer: I’m going a little bit differently than everyone else: Things could break right for Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger to be MVP. He should get back suspended wide receiver Martavis Bryant, which should boost his yards per attempt. Antonio Brown will be in a contract year and should put up big numbers. Plus, the Steelers play one of the easiest schedules in football, and that could help Big Ben’s numbers.

Clutch coaching rankings: Barnwell stacks up the final four

Much of the praise or criticism of NFL coaches relates to play-calling and game management. But arguably a coach’s most important job is to manage people. Bill Belichick, Mike Tomlin, Mike McCarthy and Dan Quinn each have a different leadership technique.

It’s extremely difficult to judge coaches. The majority of a coach’s work takes place off screen, away from the public view, and in many cases before a football is even snapped in anger. The one tangible thing we get to judge with coaches is their decision-making during those moments when the camera zooms in as they read their call sheets and the announcers hush and wait to agree with whatever they decide to do.

Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan, Ben Roethlisberger and Tom Brady are four of the NFL’s best quarterbacks right now, but is this the best crew to ever play on conference championship weekend?

The most concerning Quinn decision in recent memory came last season. Down 17-13 to the 49ers and facing a fourth-and-1 on the San Francisco 4-yard line with three minutes to go, Quinn bizarrely chose to kick a field goal and try to regain possession instead of attempting to convert for a first down against one of the league’s worst defenses. His Falcons never got the ball back and lost.

Quinn suggested after the game that he thought his defense was capable of forcing a three-and-out to return the ball to his offense, but even if he had the ’85 Bears, the numbers were strongly in favor of going for it. NumberFire suggested Quinn’s decision reduced Atlanta’s win expectancy by 37.3 percent even after the field goal was made, dropping them from a 50.7 percent favorite to a 13.4 percent underdog.

New study says the Dallas Cowboys have the NFL’s best fans

Youth Lance McCullers Jersey A lot of teams (read: all of them) claim to have the best fans in the NFL. “Best” being a superlative, we know that this can’t actually be true, so to get to the bottom of the lies, Emory University studied fan behavior (using math!) to determine which NFL teams actually had the most engaged and passionate fans.

Emory used 15 years worth of data on attendance, prices and revenues and compared it to team performance, median incomes and other normalizing factors. You can read Emory’s full methodology here. The most important thing is the conclusion: The Dallas Cowboys have the best fans in football.

Behind the Cowboys were a few usual suspects. In order, the New England Patriots, New York Giants and Baltimore Ravens have the long history, large followings and recent success that ought to create passionate fan bases. The first real surprise is perhaps the New York Jets having the fifth-best fan base despite their recent struggles. History is kinder to them, however, and certainly being in the New York City market helps.

Washington owner Dan Snyder mounted a stalwart defense of the name, vowing to never change it. He may have to strongly reconsider that position now. He could face pressure from the NFL’s 31 other franchises, who may also take a financial hit due to the league’s revenue sharing system.

Elite Brian Urlacher Jersey According to the Washington Post, Washington’s lawyers assessed the team’s value at $2.4 billion in August 2014, with $214 million tied to brand management.

Snyder could still appeal to a higher court. Given his proclivity to fight, this seems like a likely outcome. Washington may still have a chance to win its trademark back, too. Washington lost its trademark in a 1999 decision, only to win it back in District Court.

The Blackhorse team has already moved past that step, however, so there’s no question that it has scored a significant victory.

The Bulls keep burning their own hands, though

The leadership of Dwyane Wade, who finished with 17 points in Tuesday night’s loss to the Mavericks, hasn’t been enough to help the Bulls overcome their inconsistencies this season.

Authentic Youth Karl Mecklenburg Jersey “If I had that [answer], I wouldn’t be here,” Wade said. “I’d be a very rich man. If I could tell teams what they need to do, I’d just be traveling the world telling people what they need to do, getting paid a lot of money.”

Putting aside for a moment that Wade signed a two-year deal worth almost $50 million over the summer and has earned over $150 million in his playing career, the future Hall of Famer’s answer is similar to that of many others within the organization. While he remains outwardly confident that his teammates will turn things around, the results from the first half of the season tell a different story.

He said that while the fan behavior in China can be crazy, it’s still a far cry from the fervor exhibited by basketball die-hards in Europe. And that might be a good thing.

Mens Glen Davis Jersey Akognon said that when he played for famed Serbian club Partizan, the team once had to take a circuitous 30-minute bus ride from the hotel to the arena across the street because the scene was too hectic to simply walk over to the venue.

“It’s night and day between Europe and China,” Akognon said. “China is like the NBA. People come to watch the game and get a little bit rowdy. But in Europe, it is really their lives.”

“It lets you know how LeBron and Kobe feel all the time,” Akognon said. “You get a taste of the type of life they have, which is very stressful if that happens all the time.”

Playoff loss ends Chiefs’ season on a sour note

Season summary: A year after the Chiefs broke an eight-game playoff losing streak, they cleared another franchise barrier in 2016 by winning their first AFC West championship since 2010. The road was often difficult for the Chiefs, who started the season 2-2 with an often unproductive offense and hit bottom with a 43-14 loss to the Steelers in Week 4.

But, as coach Andy Reid’s teams often do, the Chiefs found themselves after their early season bye and finished by winning 10 of their last 12 games to end the regular season at 12-4. The Chiefs swept their AFC West rivals for the first time since 1995, and the two wins against the Raiders, who also finished 12-4, were crucial because they determined the division winner.
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J’Marcus Webb Mens Jersey While Dolphins S Louis Delmas and Panthers WR Kelvin Benjamin suffered major knee injuries in Wednesday’s joint workout, another Panthers receiver got off a little easier. According to the team website, rookie Devin Funchess “tweaked” a hamstring and is expected to miss a few days of practice.

Funchess was a second-round pick out of Michigan, where he battled injuries for much of his three-year career. In his final season, he caught three touchdown passes in the first half of the Wolverines’ revenge win over Appalachian State, and only scored once more all year.

Panthers coach Ron Rivera was happy with the effort that starting C Ryan Kalil and RG Trai Turner showed in their drills against Miami’s new star, DT Ndamukong Suh.

they simply forget to celebrate afterward

Hell, that’s what the game is all about in my opinion! You don’t dominate people just to turn around and walk back to the huddle. You dominate them so the world can see that you are one serious badass and better than the other guy, at least for that one play.

But here’s the thing about most young players: they’re usually so focused on being perfect and doing everything exactly like the coaches tell them to that even when they make plays, they don’t end up celebrating. That isn’t out of some old-school mentality; it’s mostly because between concentrating so hard trying to make sure they don’t fuck up and actually making a play, they simply forget to celebrate afterward. Once you actually get comfortable with what you’re supposed to be doing and how you’re supposed to be doing it, that’s when the emotions come out and maybe you do a lil’ dance or something to let ’em know after the play.

Over the weekend, James Harrison made the news when he correctley made his 6 and 8 year old sons give back there student-athlete participaton trophies as a way of teaching them a life lesson about nothing being handed to you. I agree with James that this generaton of milleneals is being coddled from the get-go. Nowdays you get a certificate just for being born. Sorry if that makes me old fahsioned but I’m actually not sorry. But even worse then the kids these days, is this generaton of parents is out there giving Harrison a “great job” sticker just because he’s not screwing his kids up, and treating him like a American hero for just being a decent parent.

Ill tell you this much: if I catch my kid getting a particpaton trophy first thing I’m doing is taking him to the trophy store. Tell him, “Hell son, if you like trophys so much why dont you take the whole bunch of them.” Make him stand up there in front of God and everyone accepting each and every trophy in the store until he’s physically ill.

Briscoe played quarterback for the AFL’s Denver Broncos in 1968

Putting what Terrelle Pryor accomplished in making the transition from NFL quarterback to 1,000-yard receiver requires going back to the American Football League.

Pryor, though, is well aware.

“Marlin Briscoe,” he blared when it was brought to his attention what a rare feat he had accomplished. (Pryor is a bit of an NFL historian.)

Authentic Kids Kyle Fuller Jersey Briscoe played quarterback for the AFL’s Denver Broncos in 1968. He moved to receiver the next season. Hines Ward and Antwan Randle-El, both former Pittsburgh Steelers, moved from playing quarterback in college to receiver in the pros. But neither started their careers as a quarterback.

This is the first season-opening game in NFL history in which both starting QBs have previously won multiple Super Bowls — Roethlisberger has two rings (Super Bowls 40 and 43) while Brady has four rings (Super Bowls 36, 38, 39 and 49). Brady will also be making his 14th consecutive opening-game start, the fourth-longest streak all-time by a quarterback. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, only Brett Favre (15), John Elway (16) and Dan Marino (16) have longer streaks.

Authentic Kids Latrell Sprewell Jersey Although the Patriots have their franchise quarterback back under center, this is not the same New England team that celebrated a Super Bowl title last February. The Pats’ secondary has been decimated by the losses of three cornerbacks (Darrelle Revis, Brandon Browner, Kyle Arrington). It will be nearly impossible to replace Revis, who graded out as a top-5 corner in each of the last two seasons, per Pro Football Focus.

Colts re-sign running back Ahmad Bradshaw to spell Frank Gore

Ahmad Bradshaw is back with the Indianapolis Colts, 11 months after his 2014 season was ended by a broken leg.

Limited Womens Nellie Fox Jersey According to Colts owner Jim Irsay, Bradshaw signed a contract on Wednesday to rejoin the team where he has spent the last two seasons. He only played three games in 2013 because of a neck injury and was limited to 10 last year, but has given the team strong production when he’s healthy. In his 13 games, he has gained 611 yards at 4.7 yards a carry, and scored four times.

Bradshaw signed a one-year deal, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

He’s also a good receiver out of the backfield, leading all running backs last season with six touchdown receptions despite his injury. However, that was a bit fluky, as he had only caught three touchdown passes in the first seven years of his career.

“I get it when they chant for Johnny,” McCown said, via The MMQB. “You know why? They want to win. They want a spark. Give us a win! Make us feel good!”

McCown was signed in the offseason to be the team’s starting quarterback, and while that was met with little fanfare, he’s playing far better than anybody expected of him.

Authentic Bryan Little Jersey “This is my 14th year professionally, 13th year in the NFL,” McCown said. “I played in the UFL, for crying out loud.”

McCown’s career has taken him to the Arizona Cardinals, Detroit Lions, Oakland Raiders, Miami Dolphins, Carolina Panthers, the UFL’s Hartford Colonials, the San Francisco 49ers, Chicago Bears, Tampa Bay Buccaneers and now the Browns. He’s shown flashes of strong play in the past, but with a career completion percentage of 59.5, 67 touchdowns and 60 interceptions, nothing like this was expected.