you don’t just cross your fingers with his protection.

It was made worse, though, by the Panthers’ reluctance for several weeks to condemn the officials, or even harshly question them, on Newton’s behalf. Newton ended up going harder after the officials, after another late hit from the Cardinals, than his team ever did. (For that, not surprisingly, Newton was again called a crybaby.)

Worse? Reportedly, Newton talked the Panthers into letting him keep playing with the bad shoulder. Apparently, they haven’t seen enough video of Robert Griffin III yet to see why part of their job is to protect players from their over-aggressive selves.

However … when Kuechly tried to talk his way back into the lineup, they refused. What?

Elite Womens Kamalei Correa Jersey Finally, there’s the little problem of the complete lack of protection Newton got all year from his offensive line, one of the worst performances by a unit of any team last season. The Panthers’ early free-agent moves confirmed that.

If you’re building around your quarterback, you don’t just cross your fingers with his protection. (See also: Russell Wilson.)
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And that’s what makes Rose, who denied the allegations for decades before finally admitting that he’d bet on his own team, different from every PED user. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not condoning PED use. It’s a stain on the game and needs to be cleaned up. But at least PED users were trying, though their motives were selfish, to become better players.