Referee sends Tyrod Taylor into concussion protocol after illegal hit despite his objections

Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor was removed from Thursday’s game against the New York Jets by the officials to be evaluated for a concussion under the NFL’s protocol. Taylor was cleared, and after two offensive plays on the sideline, he returned to the game.

The Cowboys still can’t win without Tony Romo and other reasons for NFL fans to panic. Pump the brakes on eulogizing Darrelle Revis’ career, though.

Keyshawn Johnson said that “Jeff Fisher was forced to draft Jared Goff.” Rams ownership wanted to make a splash. Jeff Fisher just wanted his draft picks. Neither Fisher or the team has said a peep about Keyshawn’s allegation, and they won’t. But it does make for some intriguing backdrop with reports of a potential contract extension coming.

The 49ers knew what the Rams offense was going to do as soon as the Rams did. The particulars of Monday night’s shutout loss continue to haunt the Rams, leaving even more questions for the new team in Los Angeles.

Perhaps the most egregious tackle of the night came from Stewart, who crashed into Newton while the Panthers were driving for a game-winning score. It was the only headshot that was flagged, but the penalty was offset due to an intentional grounding call.

Marshall said the Broncos are not a dirty team. “We just play hard, man,” Marshall said via Andrew Mason of the team’s official website.

“And I feel for [Darian] Stewart and them safeties. Those guys are 200 pounds, 210 pounds, so when they get a 250-pound guy running at them, they’re going to either hit them high or low,” Marshall said. “They’re going to get them down any way they can.

“[Cam] is bigger than all of our linebackers.”

On Sunday, the NFL Players Association announced it’s launching an inquiry into the handling of Newton, who never missed a snap despite taking several vicious shots to the head. Though the Carolina Panthers say Newton passed four concussion tests after the game, he was never examined during the contest.

A league spokesman told NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport last week that Newton wasn’t checked out because an independent neurotrauma consultant and Panthers physician concluded there was no indication that he had suffered a concussion.’s Judy Battista also says medical officials did go to Newton on the sidelines during a stoppage of play.

Despite those reports, the NFLPA is going forward with its investigation. The NFL is also looking into the matter. For the first time this year, the NFL and NFLPA have the ability to designate a representative to investigate whether the mandated concussion protocol was properly followed. If the two sides disagree, then the decision will go to an unaffiliated arbiter. Teams that are found to violate the procedure could face severe fines and even the loss of draft picks.